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  • Asian Kingfisher

  • Great Pied Hornbill
    Jim Corbett National Park, India

  • Resplendent Quetzal
    La Amistad International Park, Panama

Quality Birding Tours & Slow Paced Bird Photography

NEST Birding Tours provides high quality and slow paced tours by combining birding tours & bird photography with elements of wildlife and culture wrapped into one. We believe that there is no better way to provide the most satisfying birding experience, than to work with some of the friendliest local guides with deep knowledge of bird habitat and local culture.
Our birding tours are slow paced and provides excellent opportunities for bird photography and nature photography. Clients never have to worry about being shuttled around on a tight schedule. The locations selected in the countries of operations are prime areas for viewing a variety of species and in particular, those that are hard to find. Join one of our birding tours in Ecuador, India and Panama.

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Ecuador Birding Tours
Ecuador has over 1600 species of birds including many spectacular species. From the stunning landscape of the Andes with the Amazon to the east and the spectacular cloud forest to the west, Ecuador provides the ideal environment for birding that is hard to beat anywhere on earth. It is a bird watchers paradise. Our birding tours in Ecuador covers the key birding hot spots, in the cloud forest, the Andes and the mighty Amazon basin. Opportunities for a bird photography in these areas are fantastic. The slow pace tours and knowledge of our guides will help you locate the most hard to find species.
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Panama Birding Tours
Panama has close to 1000 species of birds and contains at least 12 endemic species. Among these species, Western Panama is home to the Resplendent Quetzal. It is one of the best birding destinations in all of Central America. With knowledgeable local guides, locating numerous species is not very difficult. Hot spots in the Gamboa rainforest, El Valle de Anton and La Amistad International Park’s cloud forest provide stunning opportunities for bird photography tours. Our guides will take you to some off the beaten tracks known mostly by locals. View our upcoming birding tours for an incredible experience.
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India Birding Tours
India is home to ancient trade routes, vast empires, ancient religious practices and one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. From its stunning fortresses and traditional villages to its world renowned sanctuaries, India provides some of the most fascinating birding and wildlife viewing in the world. The opportunities for bird photography and nature photography is amongst the best anywhere. This includes the chance to view wild Bengal Tigers and spectacular bird species in places like Ranthambore National Park and many other sites in the spectacular Himalayas.
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