photo of toucan during bird tours in ecuador
Grey-breasted Mountain Toucan

BIRD TOURS – Finding the Grey-Breasted Mountain Toucan

Bird tours in Ecuador can be exciting. Finding the Grey-breasted Mountain Toucan can definitely add to this excitement. This bird is considered one of the most beautiful of all the Toucan species in Ecuador. It can be found in the Andes of Ecuador, southern Colombia and Peru.

To find this particular specie, we decided to search the Cloud Forest along the Old Nono-Mindo Road. After two full days of birding, we scored many species of Tanagers and in particular Hummingbirds. We saw some incredible Booted Racket-tailed Hummingbirds as we descended into the cloud forest and stopped with our guide along the way. Chief among the sightings was the Blue-wing Tanager and the Blue Cotinga. As we descended into the Tandayapa Reserve along the old gravel road and a small stream running along the side of the road, we spotted a couple of turquoise jay. However we could not find the Grey-Breasted Mountain Toucan.

Birding in the Andeas of Ecuador

Our guide took us to the Andes where we spent 2 days searching the forest around San Isidro, Guango and around the town of Baeza. We had no luck on these 2 days either. However, on day 3 in this region, and in the early hours of the morning, we were photographing a variety of Hummingbird species and as we were about to leave to head off to Wild Sumaco, we got lucky. A Grey-breasted Mountain was perched on the high branches of a Cecropia tree and our guide was not hesitant to point this out with pride. The bird flew off before we could get a photograph. However, this made us delay our trip to Wild Sumaco and continue our search.

After another 3 hours we spotted another, feeding and perched perfectly for photographs. We were only too happy. While this bird is difficult to see, it is not impossible and with the help of our guide with deep knowledge of this region and with some luck, we were able to view and photograph this beautiful bird.