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NEST Birding Tours is based out of British Columbia, Canada. Our location, in one of the most pristine places in North America gives us an added advantage to be close to wildlife and nature. Our office is always available to answer your questions or help you plan the most memorable birding vacation you will ever experience. We would love to help you with your plans.

Our passion for birds, wildlife and culture stems from our travels to countries across the globe and to some of the most remote places on earth. We seek out destinations and locations within countries most visitors would not consider, however, it is this type of travel that produces some of the best endemic species, the rare sightings of birds and wildlife, the colourful and ancient cultures, people and food.

Our ability to combine our love for birding, local cultures, wildlife and nature makes a tour with us unforgettable. Few tours will ever take you to bird the Southern Caribbean to view some of the most sought after species in the region, eat crab and dumplings and callaloo (local dish) while partying in the Caribbean sun on Carnival Monday and Tuesday and witnessing the grand steel drum competition all in one trip. Or how about birding in western India and visiting ancient tribes and viewing wild tigers and leopards all in one trip?

In addition to our unique birding tour, wildlife and cultural combination, our tour leaders are always locals from the remote villages and towns from where our tours are based. As much as we may be familiar with local species and culture we do not pretend to be experts in these countries and local communities. No one knows the terrain, culture and the best places to visit more than the locals. With this respect for local talent we ensure that the hidden gems are found for you. Our tour leaders include hard core birders, story tellers, naturalists and cultural leaders amongst other talent. This not only makes our bird tours special but it allows us to play a critical role in supporting local communities in each country.

Nest Birding is committed to supporting and sustaining local cultures and playing our role in the preservation of sensitive habitat and responsible eco-tourism. We view our tour leaders, the suppliers in the chain, the communities and cultural leaders as our family. At Nest Birding we are all one big family with a love for birds, nature, wildlife and culture.

Striking the balance to ensure customers get the best value for their money, tour leaders and individuals in the chain of supply are paid fairly, ensuring community development, promoting sustainable tourism and contributing towards preservation of sensitive eco systems while trying to stay in business at the same time is not always the easiest thing to achieve. Our bird tours provide the best value all around given our prices. Tours will never exceed more than eight (8) participants plus the tour leader(s) and where applicable, a specialist.

We move at a slow pace to ensure we absorb all that nature has to offer. Spending extra time at a lek to watch a dazzling display, waiting for the right moment to photograph that rare species or hanging around to watch an unexpected sounder of wild hogs storming in a river crossing is normally not a problem.


NEST Birding Tours promotes a No-Flash policy during birding and wildlife segments of our tours. Flash photography disturbs the birds and wildlife in their natural habitat. We are all strangers and visitors to the Leks and breeding grounds of birds and wildlife in the forests and terrain we pass through and we adopt an attitude that supports this thinking. We respect the natural environment and we expect our customers to do the same. On all our tours, absolutely no flash photography is allowed when photographing birds and wildlife in their natural environment.

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