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Price: US$4,550 per person based on double occupancy

Single Supplement: US$1,060

Price Includes:
* 12 nights accommodation in first class – superior first class hotel/lodge

* English speaking birding and wildlife guide from day 1 to day 13 
* Internal return flight between Panama City & David
* Transportation from day 1 to day 13 in private bus and/or 4×4 vehicle to birding sites
* Fees, Tips & Taxes: Entrance fees to parks, tips to guide and service staff and all taxes
* Meals from dinner on day 1 depending on arrival time and ending with breakfast on day 13 

Tour Dates:
December 27 2017 – January 8 2018 (8 SPACES AVAILABLE): Hummingbird Breeding & Nesting Season

March 27 – April 8 2018 (8 SPACES AVAILABLE): Resplendent Quetzal & Bellbirds Breeding Season

April 24 – May 6 2018 (8 SPACES AVAILABLE): Breeding Season for all Birds, Colourful Plumage and Breeding Behaviour

Max group size: 8
Min group size: 4 

Departure of this tour will be guaranteed with a minimum of 4 participants. If you have registered for this tour a confirmation will be provided six (6) months prior to departure. Please ensure you take this into account when booking your flight and other travel plans. If we cannot attain the minimum of 4 participants, the tour will be cancelled and you will be refunded any payments/deposits made in full.

Length: 13 days/12 nights
Starting city: Panama City
Ending city: Panama City
Birding pace: Slow 
Physical difficulty: Easy to moderate
Focus: Photography & ID of Birds & Primates of Western Panama 

Tour Highlights: Tracking the Resplendent Quetzal, Bell Birds, Speckled Tanagers, Golden Hooded Tanagers, Cherry Tanagers, Cotingas,  Toucans and other bird species of Western Panama, various species of Howler Monkeys and slow paced to facilitate photography.

Climate: Panama has a typical tropical climate with a “wet” season and  “dry” season. The former runs from May to November. From December the dry season starts, however, there may be some showers especially in the cloud forest where it can get a bit chiller at nights. The Caribbean coast receives twice as much rain as the pacific coast but generally, it is humid during the dry season when our tours will be scheduled and there will always be the chance of rain especially in the cloud forest. 

Accommodation: Hotels/Lodges will be considered first class with a rating of 4 plus. These include Radisson Hotel in Gamboa Forest, Los Quetzales Lodge and Finca Lerida.
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Panama has close to 1000 species of birds and contains at least 12 endemic species. Of the near 1000 species, Western Panama is home to the Resplendent Quetzal. The country is one of the best birding destinations in all of Central America. Some areas in the western highlands of Panama contains different micro climates, creating perfect conditions for different species of birds.

In the western areas of the Chiriqui highlands, wildlife abounds. The country is also famous for its Canal which can be traversed by car in 1 hour. Join us on this tour to get a flavour for the best Western Panama has to offer and grab a chance to see the Resplendent Quetzal in the mountains of the La Amistad International Park.

Our tour schedule is set out below:


Arrive at any time. Participants arriving at the airport on this day will be transported to the hotel.

Depending on your day and time of arrival you might have sufficient time to get into the city and possibly do some walking around. The old colonial part of the city can be a nice venture.

In the evening you will meet your guide and tour leader at 6:00 PM in the lobby of the Radisson Hotel in the Gamboa Rainforest to go over the details of your tour and settle in for dinner.

 HOTEL: Radisson Summit Hotel and Golf 


We will have an early breakfast in our hotel and drive towards the world famous Pipeline road. The drive is about 30 minutes from the hotel. Pipeline Road is located in the Soberania National Park and runs for miles into the forest. Monkeys are heard everywhere , in addition to Agouti, Capybara and other mammals.

Here in Pipeline road we can find anything from various species of Trogons, Toucans, Puffbird, Purple-throated Fruitcrows, Golden Collared Manakins, various species of Parrots, Honeycreepers, many Tanagers and much more.

We will have box lunch with us for convenience. A full day in Pipeline Road’s 17.5 km is well worth it and will yield a number of extraordinary species. We will return to our hotel at the end of the day to relax by the pool and have dinner.   

 HOTEL: Radisson Summit Hotel and Golf

We will have an early breakfast and head out for the Rainforest Discovery Centre. We will spend the entire morning at the Centre where Hummingbird feeders are one of the main attractions with a variety of species including Blue-chested Hummingbird, Violet-bellied, Stripe-throated hermits, White-necked Jacobin and up to eight other species. There is also a chance to see the Blue Cotinga and Green Shrike-Vireo around the Centre. We will return to our hotel for lunch and relax during the quiet hours of the day and then return to the Gamboa Rainforest in the afternoon. Here we can bird the Chagres National Park or depending on the weather and conditions we may select a different trail. Flexibility to current conditions will be necessary in the rainforest. At the end of the day we will return to our hotel for dinner. 

 HOTEL: Radisson Summit Hotel and Golf 

We will have breakfast and leave our hotel to catch our 45 minute flight at 10:00 am to the town of David. On arrival in David we will board our private bus and drive to Cerro Punta where we will spend the next three full days.

We will have lunch in the town of Volcan or Cerro Punta depending on our arrival time.  After we check into our hotel and relax from the travel time we will head out for the trails around the lodge searching for numerous species of birds that reside in this region including the Resplendent Quetzal, Prong-billed Barbet, Wrenthrush, White-naped Brush-Finch, Lange-footed Finch, Long-tailed Silky-flycatcher and Black-and-yellow Silky-flycatcher are some other of the avian specialities of the Chiriqui Highlands.

 HOTEL: Los Quetzales Lodge 


For the next three days we will be having an early breakfast and heading towards the trails around the Los Quetzales Lodge with box lunch where appropriate. Depending on the trail selected we may return to the lodge for lunch. The prime target here is the Resplendent Quetzal. One of these days we will bird trails of the La Amistad International Park around Mt Baru where we will have opportunities to view this Quetzal. The trails go very deep into the La Amistad International Park where there are over 500 species of birds. Various species of Monkeys can also be found here. The flora and fauna in this region is also an area with excellent opportunities for the photographer and nature lover.

Night-time activities can also be very interesting as there are numerous mammals around the lodge. Each night we will have dinner at the lodge.

 HOTEL: Los Quetzales Lodge 


After a satisfying time seeing the Resplendent Quetzal, we will have an early breakfast on this day and drive towards the town of Volcan. Our destination is the small Finca called Cielito Sur where there is the chance to view up to 115 species right on the grounds. Flocks of Tanagers and Hummingbirds at the established feeder stations facilitate fantastic photographic opportunities. We will have lunch and relax for the afternoon before taking to the trails around the property for more photographic opportunities. Dinner will be at the lodge. 

 HOTEL: Cielito Sur/Other Equivalent 


After an early breakfast and birding & photography during the morning period, we will have lunch and then drive towards the town of Boquete. The drive cuts across grassland, ranches and orchards with fields of citrus fruits. We will arrive in the town of Boquete and check into Finca Lerida where we will stay for three full days.

Finca Lerida is located on the other side (eastern side) of Volcan Baru and Cerro Punta and also accesses the La Amistad International Park from that direction.  On this first day we will relax after a long drive and enjoy the pristine cloud forest surrounding the Lodge. Dinner will be at the Lodge.

 HOTEL: Finca Lerida Lodge 


Each morning we will have an early breakfast and head towards the trails in this region. Our aim will be to bird Fortuna Road, the famous Culebra Trail and the trails around Finca Lerida that goes into the La Amistad International Park from the eastern side. Here we can see any of the 500 species of birds in this park and species we may have missed on the western side of Volcan Baru. The Resplendent Quetzal can also be found on this side of the park as well.

Each day we will either return to our lodge for lunch or we will have box lunch, depending on the trail selected, weather and other factors. Dinner will be at the lodge each night.

 HOTEL: Finca Lerida Lodge 


We will have an early breakfast and some final birding around the coffee trails around Finca Lerida before driving back to the airport in the town of David where you will catch your flight back to Panama City.

Your tour ends on arrival in Panama City.


PLEASE NOTE: All individuals are responsible for checking VISA requirements and obtaining the necessary travel documentation for entering Panama prior to arriving.


Most of the terrain is moderate to easy. However, the Los Quetzales trail can be challenging as well as some of the hikes into the La Amistad International Park. Where hiking is required even though it is considered easy to moderate, we strongly advise that a moderate level of fitness be attained before embarking on this tour. Regular exercise prior to your trip is advisable. Remember you will be hiking for long periods in some cases and although the pace will be very slow you may be carrying camera equipment, meals and water where applicable. To ensure your maximum enjoyment a moderate level of fitness is advisable. 


If you are considering travelling with children and other family members, please note that this tour is open for individuals 15 years and older.


Panama is humid and tropical with typical tropical showers. There can be rain at anytime. However, we try to minimize the chances of rain by scheduling our tour in the dry season. This may not prevent the showers in the cloud forest especially in the Chiriqui highlands. Nights can be a little chilly in the mountains and trails can be muddy and slippery at times and as a result a good pair of hiking boots is recommended, along with a rain jacket and protection for your camera.



Hat, Camera and equipment, binoculars, sun block, rain jacket, hiking boots, fleece for colder areas where it can be a bit chilly in the early hours of the morning and late evening, small back pack for box lunch and water, bug spray.


This tour involves the use of 4 x 4 transport on rough roads in the Chiriqui Highlands as well as private convoy taxi and/or private bus. The group size is restricted to a maximum of eight (8) participants. This would indicate a lot of room. However, for flexibility in the jungle and ease of travel we would advise that baggage be restricted to two (2) medium sized suitcases per person plus a handbag.


The official currency in Panama is United States (US) dollars.

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