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Specific conditions have been established and information provided are designed to ensure your enjoyment and ensure we are able to meet your expectations. This avoids any confusion and increases your chances of having a wonderful holiday. Please read the information below prior to booking. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us as these guidelines and conditions which we have established forms part of the contractual agreement.


  • TRANSPORT: All surface transport from the starting point of the tour to the end point of the tour where noted.
  • ACCOMMODATION: All accommodations are included from the start of the tour until the end (all taxes and service charges inclusive).
  • MEALS AND DRINKS: All meals & drinks from start of the tour to end. Meals do not include alcohol and would include one non-alcoholic beverage per meal (hot, cold, fruit juice or other). Bottled water is included. In some cases boiled and/or filtered water may be used depending on the remoteness of the location.
  • INTERNAL FLIGHTS: Internal air transport is normally not included but will be included where stated in the tour itinerary.
  • TIPS: Tips for local drivers, leaders, restaurant employees are included in our prices. This can be a significant amount depending on the length of the tour. We remove this cost from your shoulders and ensure leaders and all individuals in the supply chain are paid fairly. Ensure you factor this in when comparing the cost of our tours to other tour operators.
  • GUIDE SERVICES: Service of an English speaking Tour Leader/Guide from the start of the tour until the end. Please note that for arrival/travel days a representative other than the Tour Guide will assist you with getting to your hotel during late night arrivals.
  • OTHER FEES: All entrance fees to local, provincial, national parks and activities as  noted in each itinerary.

NOTE: Any dietary restrictions should be communicated to us during the booking process and stated on the booking form area designated for this purpose. You can also email to let us know if there is anything you forgot to mention on your booking form at least one month prior to departure date.


  • TRANSPORT COSTS: All costs associated with getting to the destination country (international flights and all cost of visas, baggage charges, vaccination costs, insurance, passports and any other costs incurred before the start of the tour and after the tour ends.
  • MEALS AND DRINKS: Any meal or drink outside of those provided and stated in the tour itinerary.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation is provided, however, any accommodation other than those provided are not included in the cost. If you decide to leave the group or arrive at a different time, all costs of those accommodations and transportation are not included in the price.
  • OTHER: Any other costs not included are specified when you book and will be noted in your booking confirmation communication with us.


Most of our tours are in developing countries where travel infrastructure are not always the same as we are used to in our respective countries. Terrain may be muddy, hilly, high-altitude, wet and/or a combination of one or more. Physical fitness and preparedness on your part is essential to ensure an enjoyable vacation. In some cases hygiene standards is not on par with what we are used to and while we research and try our best to provide the most appropriate standards, NEST Birding Tours cannot control these circumstances in most cases.

Our standard of accommodation falls in the range of good to very good. We stay in hotels, lodges, guest houses and when the tour takes us to very remote areas, camping may be our only alternative. In some cases, depending on the tour and country, shared facilities are the only option. These things will be noted up front in your itinerary. In circumstances where a single person is travelling and wish to share the accommodation, the booking will only be accepted if the shared accommodation is available or it will be accepted if shared accommodation is not available and the single supplement is accepted.


All participants need to ensure that they reach the starting point for the tour in the time stated. Kindly note that, in the event your own arrival flight is rescheduled or delayed so that you are unable to arrive by the scheduled tour joining time, it is not possible for us to delay the rest of the group for long, and any costs incurred in catching up with the group would have to be incurred by you.


Confirmed Bookings: To secure your booking you must complete the on-line booking form on our website and submit it to us electronically. If you are unable to complete the on-line booking, please let us know and we will provide a printable PDF version to you via email..


A deposit of US$750 per person is due at the time of booking, or as specified in the tour details.

Full balance is due 120 days (four months) prior to the tour departure date.

For bookings less than four (4) months prior to the tour departure date the full amount is required.

If you are submitting an on-line booking form and your payment will be via credit card please note that we utilize a secure method of payment. Your payment will show up on your credit card statement approximately three months prior to the tour departure date.


  • Personal Cheque: We will accept your cheque & will provide all instructions if this is your preferred method. 
  • Wire Transfer: We will provide all banking details for a wire transfer if this payment method is preferred. 
  • Credit Cards: We accept all major credit cards. 


Any cancellation by you of a confirmed booking must be notified to us in writing (email is acceptable) and will take effect on the day that this is received by us. The following policy applies to all tours unless otherwise noted on a specific itinerary. Refunds will be made according to the following schedule:


More than 6 months before departure date:  FULL REFUND

6 months to 120 days before departure date: 100% of deposit non-refundable

121- 90 days before departure date : 50% of final tour price non-refundable

Less than 90 days before departure date : 100% of final tour price non-refundable

Important: Where terms differ this will be noted in the tour itinerary. If the reason for your cancellation falls within the terms of your travel insurance the cancellation charges will normally be refunded by your insurance company (less any excess applicable). For this reason we strongly recommend obtaining comprehensive travel insurance that will cover you adequately for unexpected cancellation.
Substitution: Should you be prevented by reasonable cause (such as illness) from proceeding with your tour you are free to find a substitute, provided we receive written notification within five months of the tour departure date.

Unused Services: No refund can be given for any unused accommodation, meal, flight or other service provided as part of the tour.


We plan our tours at least one year in advance of the departure date. Circumstances may arise in the destination country or other that is beyond our control, instances of political instability, natural disasters, civil unrest or other factors that may place participants in harm’s way. This may result in the cancellation or re-scheduling of a confirmed tour.

Where any such situation should arise up to 60 days prior to the tour departure date, we will refund participants 100% of the amount paid. For such circumstances arising less than 60 days prior to the tour departure date, NEST Birding Tours will assess the amount to be refunded to customers. This amount will be based on our assessment and discretion.

Where a tour has departed and is in progress if any such circumstances arise, we reserve the right to amend the itinerary accordingly. The discretion of the tour leader/guide is final after assessing the risks involved in carrying on the tour. Under these circumstances any additional costs incurred as a result of the amended itinerary will be borne by the customer and NEST Bird Tour will invoice tour participants for any additional costs incurred as a result of these circumstances.

We will try our very best to adhere to the detailed itinerary, however, if circumstances change we may need to alter the itinerary in accordance with the circumstances. These alterations may include (but not limited to) the group having to stay in a different hotel, an additional meal, having box lunch instead of a scheduled restaurant or altering the timing of planned activities due to weather or sightings of animals and birds. Our goal is to provide the best experience possible. In order to provide this experience, flexibility is critical. NEST Birding Tours reserve the right to make these alterations as the need arise.


Passports, Visas and Vaccinations: You are responsible for ensuring that you bring with you a valid passport (which should have at least 12 months left to run at the commencement of the tour) plus, where necessary, a valid visa and/or a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. Remember, if your passport is getting full,  any visa will require a full blank page plus space on the opposite page for entry and exit stamps. The tour information we will send to you will provide information about any visa or vaccination certificate requirements known to us at the time the information is issued, but, as regulations can change, you are normally responsible for checking visa requirements yourself and, if a visa is necessary, obtaining your visa direct from the appropriate embassy or consulate.

Privacy Policy: All names and addresses on our mailing list are stored on computer files. These files will most definitely not be passed to any other party, for advertising purposes or for any other reason, but should you object to having your name and address stored in this way please inform our office and we will remove your entry. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.

Complaints: In the unlikely event that you have cause for complaint you should notify one of the leaders (or our office where appropriate) as soon as possible so that we may do our best to assist you. If a problem remains unresolved in spite of prompt notification then you should make a complaint in writing to our office within 30 days of the completion of the tour.

Restrictions on Participation: We reserve the right to remove from the tour any person unable or unwilling to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the satisfactory operation of the tour. In this event we will not provide any refund, nor be liable to pay any compensation and any additional costs involved in returning home will be your own responsibility.


Travel insurance is critical for those travelling to remote places to cover the risks associated with travel, from the time of booking your tour until the time you return home. Please note that many of our tours will be taking you to remote areas where many services you are accustomed to will not be available or altered in some ways. You must ensure your travel insurance covers emergency, medical, evacuation and repatriation expenses to an amount of no less than US$200,000 as this is mandatory for all of our tours. You must provide evidence of your coverage prior to the tour departure date. Most of those travelling abroad more than once a year will find that taking out an annual travel insurance policy is the simplest and most cost-effective option.

Birders and wildlife enthusiasts often carry a lot of expensive optical and photographic equipment. Regular travel insurance does not provide sufficient coverage and so, if you are not already covered under your household contents policy, we recommend you purchase specialist insurance coverage for your equipment. Equipment and trip cancellation is at your discretion. NEST Birding Tours will not be liable for loss or damage to equipment and our refund policy for tour cancellations are stated above. Please take this into consideration when determining your coverage needs.

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